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Hello! Any news on Episode 3? Really looking forward to that!

An announcement is coming :)

Exciting!!! :)

I would love to play this but, I am unsure if it has captions.

I am Deaf/HOH. So... Please tell if it has captions?


Hi Kerobeo,

Yes, the game has captions, like this :)

But we didn't add information about the sound design to help players who are deaf (you can play without these sounds, but I think we can improve it, maybe with a future patch).


Hi Dorian,

As long it doesn't miss out the context information for the game specifically -that "guide us" to the game.

Otherwise, text with characters are excellent.

Thank you for understanding and for replying.



If possible, I would love to play the game on Linux ... looks fascinating!


Me too. I played the teaser on GameJolt a while back, and thought it was very interesting.


I would love to see that as well. It looks really cool, shame I can't play it right now. Even wine port (windows emulation) would be fine as long as it's supported to work fine.

There is no release on linux because we can't try the game on this OS. I can't promise anything, but we will look into it when all the episodes will be released.